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"911...What's Your Emergency?"

Heroes walk among us yet most of us probably wouldn't recognize them.  We probably wouldn't even remember their names.  They're parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends but you'd never know in the office we call them heroes.  They're emergency responders, but you'll never see them suited up in a firefighter's uniform or wearing a police officer's badge.  They answer the call of duty first to get you the help you need but they don't drive ambulances, fire engines or police cruisers.  These heroes are our Public Safety Telecommunicators (PSTs).

The logistics of this profession are pretty intense.  PSTs work under incredible stress, not just for a few minutes but sometimes hours at a time.  Their extended shifts turn into long days and their every move is recorded and scrutinized.  They're required to keep up with frequently-changing technology, to be highly trained in their field, to be masters of multi-tasking, and to be overly professional and polite (not to mention calm) with every caller no matter the situation.  Oh, and to do it all with accuracy and grace. 

To our PSTs: we salute you.  Thanks for all of your hard work for the City of New Bern and the New Bern Police Department.  Thanks for answering the telephone when we call 9-1-1.  But most of all, thanks for being our heroes.

Do you have the desire to help others in emergency situations?  Can you remain calm in stressful situations?  Can you multi-task and provide exceptional customer service?

The New Bern Police Department is looking for qualified applicants who are interested in a fast-paced, rewarding career as a Police Service Technician/Public Safety Telecommunicator. Our telecommunicators have competitive salaries and great benefits.  Think you've got what it takes? Come join our team of heroes.   Apply here.